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Why CBD Tampons Are a Thing

It’s almost a hopeless struggle to get through to the days when you’re suffering from the excruciating pain from menstrual cramps. The pain can become so intense that it interferes with your daily function.

There’s no other way to put it: menstrual cramps are an absolute hassle!

There are pharmaceutical drugs to help alleviate the pain. However, some are ineffective while others (that actually work) have nasty side effects.

If having period pains isn’t much of a drag, there has to be that to upset you even more!

However, some feminine hygiene industries are considering to lace tampons with CBD, hoping to alleviate (or better yet end) the loathsome pain from women’s monthly visitor. The compound has gained popularity due to its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties…

Hence, the birth of CBD tampons – because why not?

30-year-old Gretchen used to suffer from excruciating cramps for years. To soothe the pain, she tried ibuprofen, smoking weed, and topical CBD products. Apparently, she wasn’t getting the results she wanted. So, she tried CBD suppositories or tampons.

“CBD suppositories have definitely taken the place of pain pills for me…”

Gretchen was so happy with the results, though they lasted only at least for a couple of hours.

How is this possible?

CBD tampons are inserted into the vagina in similar way tampons are inserted. As a result, the CBD’s direct contact with the vagina makes the sensation of relief happen almost instantly.

Although the CBD suppositories worked on Gretchen, not everyone gets the same response. A 29-year old comedian tried the product but her cramps raged on. Instead, she discovered that it did help her in terms of treating the soreness from sex.

This goes to show that our bodies respond in different ways to CBD products – similar to pharmaceutical drugs, minus the side effects (at least none were reported from CBD so far).

It’s been months now since CBD has been regulated, yet its breakthroughs never fail to amaze us.

Keep on keeping on, CBD!

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