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What’s the ‘420’ Marijuana Bill All about?

Everyone talks about 420 (April 20) as the international potheads’ day. And while it’s true that cannabis remains illegal to some states, others are openly breaking the law:

Why ban something that’s scientifically proven to be good for the health?

Sen. Ron Wyden has proposed a bill named S.420 that would remove marijuana from the controlled Substances Act (CSA).

The 420 marijuana bill has got a good laugh from the crowd due to the slang term of marijuana consumption, however, the majority are supporting the bill for medical reasons. But, of course, the bill also consists of a system concerning the distribution and the excising of tax for legal sale and also to prevent abuse…

NOTE: You can overdose on cannabis without fatal side effects.

If the bill becomes a law, not only will there be unrestrained medicinal breakthroughs but this will certainly create rich opportunities potentially eventuating to drastic economic growth.

Two birds in one stone!

The federal prohibition of marijuana is wrong, plain, and simple. Too many lives have been wasted, and too many economic opportunities have been missed,” says Wyden.

He also tweeted: NEW: I introduced S.420, my bill to legalize and responsibly regulate and tax marijuana. It’s time to bring our country’s marijuana policies into the 21st century, and my legislation is the way to do it.

Marijuana and its compounds have proven to serve humanity with health benefits that help address the many symptoms of various illnesses, most especially CBD products. Plus, the economy would make skyrocketing progress.

What are the odds?

The proposal has been received with a lighthearted optimism by the congress and even President Trump supports to end federal marijuana prohibition.

What’s left to do now is to wait with optimistic hope.

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