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True or False: Hemp Makes Quality Clothing

While CBD derived from hemp continues to rise to stardom, it is important we do not neglect the other uses of hemp. That’s right

There is more to hemp than its healthful compound, CBD.

Ready for some HEMP-ful facts?

Hemp makes one of the finest fabrics for clothing. As experts would say, it is more durable and softer (even when washed a lot of times) compared to cotton. At the same time, it does not compromise quality output. This is why some high-end fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Armani use hemp fibers.

What’s more to like and perhaps more important in the speak of hemp…?

Hemp Is Eco-friendly

As the demand for fashion grows sharply, our consumption for cotton has become increasingly alarming that the planet suffers: Soil pollution, excess consumption of water, and use of chemicals are the observable things when tending cotton. Even at the mention of these things, our conscience is filled with a dreadful worry. Surely, there has to be an environmental-friendly approach to fashion.

After all, fashion at the cost of the environment’s health isn’t very fashionable.

Growing hemp requires little water consumption and, because it is a bioaccumulator, it sucks toxins from the soil without soil depletion and without harming the plant itself. Additionally, hemp being a hardy plant needs little to no tending at all and doesn’t need chemical fertilizers and pesticides or insecticides. That said, our farmers (who are the true heroes for fashion’s behind the scenes) can satisfy our demands without harming our heroes’ health.

For the want of quality clothing, we need not harm the planet.

There’s no denying to it: hemp promotes a lasting yet fashionable approach to clothing and even evolves with the pop-culture fad. Aside from making this world a fashionable one, hemp contributes greatly to the environment.

I see no reason to not like hemp.

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