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Top 5 Uses for Hemp

In the mention of Hemp, what comes to our mind automatically is it’s a cannabis plant or a relative of marijuana.

But is that truly there is to it?

Hemp has existed for so long for industrial purposes way back 8000 B.C. (mostly in China and Middle Eastern countries). It has a lot of uses that most people, if not all, know nothing about. From textiles to household items and construction, hemp is ever present.

Yes, it simply is not a controversial plant caught in a heated argument between people who understand it and those who don’t.

Having some doubts? Check out these facts about uses for Hemp:

For Consumption

Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids and amino acids that are important for a healthful diet. There are industries who make Hemp oils which people use for cooking. The seeds of the hemp can be eaten the same way we eat nuts. Also, animals such as birds, cats, cows, dogs, and many others eat hemp-derived treats since hemp contains many healthy proteins.

Lotions and Cream

Worried about dry or cracked skin? Put your worries aside because hemp contains natural oils that are essential for the regeneration of skin. The content of Hemp-derived beauty products promotes a healthy and radiant looking skin.


Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Armani use hemp fibers. Shocked? Here’s why these celebrity clothing labels use it: From jeans, lingerie, and sportswear to high fashion dresses and suits, hemp fibers make these clothing durable without compromising comfortableness and artistry.

Talk about organic art!


Ever heard about organic or biodegradable plastics? If you’re an environmentalist, then you’ll surely fall in love with hemp. Let’s be frank, plastics contribute to the downfall of our environment. With the help of hemp-based plastics, we can surely help preserve and save it. How? Hemp plastics decompose in 3-6 months, compared to plastics which takes 450 years or more.


Compared to fossil diesels, hemp makes bio-diesel which has environmental friendly properties. It is biodegradable and non-toxic. Because of its high flash point, it is considered safer than fossil-based diesel in the event of a crash.

Not only does hemp make durable goods; it is also eco-friendly!

With the top five hemp uses enumerated in this article, who wouldn’t want to use it for a revolutionary future?

Confused about the differences between marijuana and hemp? Click the highlighted text.

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