CBD oil for treating epilepsy

Mother Resorts to CBD Oil for Treating Epilepsy

For all the pills my son has taken for his epilepsy, his health faded quickly and so did the joy in my life.

Kerstin Maynards, a 35-year old single mother, thought she had lost all hope when prescription medicines didn’t work on her son Jamie, 10 years old. As a mother, losing a child means losing all the joys in life.

However, desperation often breeds to grand hopes.

Our medical expert was able to reach her and introduced the benefits of CBD. Kerstin’s voice lit up, sensing a hope for Jamie. She was so excited about the CBD oil tincture that she couldn’t hide the new found joy in her voice.

After letting Jamie try it, she couldn’t be any happier that she called us to send her gratitude.

What miraculous wonder this [CBD] is! The seizures became extremely rare.”

Jamie’s teacher told Kerstin how her son’s performance at school has drastically improved. His memory and attention has also improved. Because of this improvement, the mother and the son no longer have to worry when the seizures would kick in because the healing properties of CBD starts to effect in just seconds.

Jamie stopped taking the pharmaceutical drugs and relied only at the wonders of CBD. In this way, there was a reduced pain and he didn’t feel vomiting nor nauseous when taking the CBD oil.

Just when Kerstin thought hope has abandoned her

CBD came to the rescue.

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