Marijuana Users Use CBD - Marijuana Users Use CBD products - CBD vs THC

Marijuana Users Use CBD Products

Why would marijuana users even enjoy a non-high-inducing compound CBD?

As we know, CBD doesn’t grant users the high effect that marijuana users seek. Yet, more and more marijuana users are wanting to use CBD products. Why is this so?

While the THC compound grants users the “high,” CBD is the cannabinoid that grants the users THE overall health benefits.

To marijuana users who know next to nothing about CBD, they simply consider it as the boring compound in the cannabis. I mean they are up for that psychedelic state, and CBD does not give them that – hence the nickname, boring compound.

Yet why have some marijuana users become CBD enthusiasts?

Pure CBD products help our body perform optimally despite the negative factors affecting the body that causes it to fail. Sure, there are medicines to back us up from illnesses, but they have side effects which (we all can agree) we don’t like.

Marijuana users are not immune to diseases and that is why they use CBD.

CBD isn’t something that satisfies the desire of potheads, however, this compound satisfies the needs of our bodies.

But why would marijuana users use CBD when marijuana has CBD?


However, marijuana only has extremely low level of CBD compared to Hemp. Hemp is a cannabis plant with a high level of CBD and has little or no THC (a psychoactive compound that causes the high).

To simplify things:

Marijuana for personal desires; CBD for the body’s needs.

Still not convinced of the natural healing properties of CBD, read Dr. Larry Johnson’s story.

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