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The Confusion between Marijuana and Hemp

The word Hemp is, at most times, associated with two words. Marijuana. ILLEGAL.

The age-old confusion between marijuana and hemp has caused progress to lag. Confused what these two are? Here’s a quick read to clearly outline the difference of both.

Aren’t these two cannabis plants and therefore illegal?

Yes, these two come from the same plant Cannabis Sativa L.; however, there stands a difference that some people overlook. Just because they’re from the same plant it doesn’t mean they’re entirely the same. Marijuana and Hemp have different names for a reason.

What’s this?

The compounds that the two plants contain – CBD and THC, (Hemp has CBD with little to no THC, while Marijuana has high level of THC).

To simplify: Hemp is to CBD as Marijuana is to THC.

Take the latter as a potter’s organic dose of happy and the former as a health advocate’s organic potion or salve.

So, what’s in it for me?

The healing properties of CBD is something foreign to the ears of some people. Because CBD used to be considered illegal in the past, people were discouraged to look into the possibilities of the healing plant and its many wonders.

Unfortunately, this discouragement still has influence in the present community.

On a positive note, this discouragement is fading fast! How so?

Medical scientists are conducting a research on the CBD compound. The findings? A bright future for the medical industry and humanity!

CBD boosts the function of the body’s systems to prevent or combat diseases. Most importantly, it does no harm to the body unlike synthetic medicines with their serious side effects.

So, what’s not to like about Hemp and its CBD?

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