CBD for Pets

Is CBD for Pets Safe?

Ever since the CBD benefits have been disseminated all over the internet, CBD businesses have proliferated in such a short amount of time. And to compete in the CBD market, you have to stand out. Hence, CBD products have ranged into various sorts…

One good example is CBD for pets.

Our love for our fur babies compels us to do whatever it takes to keep them healthy. We treat them like our biological babies – even some wedded couples prefer having fur babies instead of human babies.

And because we love them dearly, we tend to overreact when they get sick.

Some people have this logic that if CBD helps treat the ailments of people, it might possibly help their pets in combatting sickness. The next thing we know, positive reviews about CBD for pets is all over the Internet…

But, is CBD COMPLETELY safe for our pets?

Veterinarian Jerry Klein said, “The popularity and marketing of CBD is outpacing the research and regulation.” While it is true that CBD has played a huge role in treating a variety of ailments, its Science remains limited.

It is too early to draw conclusions.

The timeframe isn’t enough and long-term effects are yet to be realized. Needless to say, administering CBD products to your fur babies is doing it at your own risk… well as of the moment, that is.

It’s not that veterinarians are totally against it, it’s just that the information is scant and lacking accuracy.

Dr. Klein said, “I don’t want to be the naysayer because I think there’s a potential here for real possible benefits.

Veterinarians understand how much we love our fur babies. This is why they encourage us to use these products only when the study for CBD for pets is conclusive and that the findings are safe.

After all, we got to apply the basic medical principles in treating all patients:

First, do no harm.

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