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Insurance Companies on Medical Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis has rapidly gained traction across the U.S. and other counties. This event has resulted in people asking this question:

Will my health insurance cover medical cannabis?

The answer is NO, and here’s why.

We’ve read some posts all over the internet about the healing properties of cannabis – even heard and read the positive testimonials of the users. However, these aren’t the grounds for accepting cannabis as a valid medical treatment for diseases and disorders.

The plant greatly lacks clinical research, and positive testimonials just won’t do.

This reason alone suffices the question why insurance companies do not cover medical cannabis. In fact, no insurance companies would ever cover something that has vague medicinal value or no medicinal value at all (as defined by the government). It has to be rigorously tested with a concrete conclusion before insurance providers become involved with cannabis

Another major reason is medicinal marijuana is not FDA approved.

Sure, there have been synthetic marijuana-based drugs that have been approved by the FDA (marinol and Syndros) which are covered by insurance (with doctor’s prescriptions). However, users say they’re pretty far from the natural thing.

As scientists continue to study the still-yet-to-be-known limits of cannabis, the future of its medicinal value grows promising.

The only thing left to do is be patient and keep a steadfast hope.

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