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Man Shifts to Healthy Organics for Anxiety Treatment

Once anxiety hits you hard, drowning yourself with liquor and/or smoking is the postmodern approach for anxiety treatment.

While others don’t agree with this kind of treatment or self-medication, many teens and older generations will.

Meet Jason.

47-year-old, Jason resorted to this postmodern approach for 20 years to keep his anxiety at bay.

It worked!!

With the support of nicotine and alcohol, he made it through the day.

But short-lived gratifications have their downsides.

His anxiety continued to worsen and, in turn, the amount of nicotine and alcohol required for calming effects increased.

This is called the “downwards spiral.”

As Jason noticed the hasty decline of his health, he realized the error of his ways.

He wanted rid of the unhealthy lifestyle and quit cigars, cigarette smoking and alcohol, instead, he turned to the medical properties of marijuana.

A friend told him about how marijuana has healing properties and told Jason to try it.

Jason as most would, gave it a shot and never regretted it!

Marijuana did help him, but he didn’t know WHY

Jason called up CBD2OIL after hearing about their Free Health Consultation. He wanted to find out more about why Marijuana helps him so dramatically and what he could do to benefit from this discovery.

Knowing what CBD is became a MAJOR turning point in his life.

Jason explained:

I enjoy using marijuana because it helps me focus on my art despite being high. I still get frequent anxieties though. But this CBDconcentrated plant [hemp] sure sounds something great…

After 2 days of using CBD tincture, he found amazing benefits and has shared with us that although he still smokes marijuana (as a hobby) he uses CBD2OIL’s products through the week and has stopped experiencing anxiety attacks!

It’s safe to say that anxiety won’t be a problem anymore and Jason couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Jason for sharing your story with us, and thank you CBD for changing lives for the better!

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