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Could CBD Combat Seizures?

63-year-old Loraine keeps a watchful eye on her husband, Charles, 67, who’s had four back surgeries. Instead of getting better, he started having seizures, causing Loraine to have stress and anxiety. The seizures would last for more than a minute and happened more than 15 times in a day.

That surgery turned things from worse to worst.

For Charles to avoid the recurring back pain, he took 30 mg Oxycodone pills – three times a day. The medicine made him feel weak and nauseous. He was sick to the stomach! Because of this, he has lost his appetite for food – and in life, he admitted.

Aren’t the surgeries and medications meant to make him feel better?

Unfortunately, both didn’t.

Loraine’s anxiety and stress have grown severe due to his husband’s condition that she grew desperate. She resorted to organic treatment and stumbled upon CBD.

Things went from pitch black to a sudden bliss!

Our medical expert enrolled Loraine and her husband into the Pure CBD tincture program. Charles’ back pain was significantly reduced as his seizures rarely occurred – once in 3 weeks, most times it didn’t. He eventually got rid of the synthetic medicines.

As for Loraine, she’s already stress-free and no longer feel as anxious as she used to.

With only one program, two people’s lives were saved.

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

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