Chemotherapy Treatment Side Effects

Chemotherapy Treatment and Drugs Side Effects

The most advance yet in treating cancer cells is through chemotherapy. However, this treatment comes with an extremely adverse effect, enfeebling the patients.

It either saves a life or sets death into a hasty motion.

Here’s a quickie on what happens exactly during a chemotherapy treatment.

Chemotherapy eliminates cancer cells. The treatment, however, also harms the healthy cells. This is why patients become weak post-treatment.

But that’s not the only thing there is to it.

Treating cancers such as breast and lung cancer harms the lung. Plus, chemotherapy drugs also cause the lungs to be inflamed. Instead of just ridding and inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells, some parts of the body suffer from unintended harm.

Treatments should heal, not complicate.

Yet fortune is now in our favor and the battle against cancer may not be as hopeless as it used to be.

CBD, a compound found in hemp, helps kill cancer cells, at the same time, stop them from spreading. By pairing chemotherapy treatment and CBD, the chance of winning the battle against cancer massively increases! Also, since CBD is an anti-inflammatory compound, inflammations caused by the treatment and drugs are quickly treated.

Now that’s good news!

With the discovery of CBD’s healing properties, we may yet be five steps closer to finding the cure for cancer.

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