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CBD Reduces Addiction for Heroin

Just recently!

CBD, a non-high inducing compound, could be the answer to curbing heroin addiction.

Unbelievable? Let us dissect the truth out of this claim.

The war on the illicit drug use have claimed nearly 400, 000 thousand lives in America since year 2000 – that’s almost the number of the fallen American soldiers in World War II. Because of this alarming number, health experts have continued to seek something that could treat or, better yet, cure the cravings.

Eyes turned to CBD… and then follows the breakthrough!

A research has been conducted that involves participants with heroin addiction history. A substance containing CBD was administered to them and…

Their cravings for the illicit drug was significantly reduced.

What sorcery is this?

This is not sorcery at all, rather simply Science.

CBD gives patients a feeling of relaxation that relieves them from stress. Stress is the most common reason behind the abuse of heroin, aside from treating pain and inflammation. It was also discovered that CBD significantly reduces the level of the stress hormone (cortisol).

Hence, there was a drastic reduction of the craving.

Though others (who still stigmatize the cannabis compound CBD) would say this is simply is a baseless claim, just know that—

Truth never compromises to ignorance – CBD’s medicinal potential doesn’t compromise to the stigma surrounding it.

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