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The Cannabis Sativa and the Human Body

The cannabis sativa plant was created for the human body.

Doubt it? Well, let’s erase all traces of that doubt.

The plant Hemp (a strain of cannabis sativa) contains compounds called cannabinoids. Some of these compounds enhance the body’s ability to self-recover.

Cannabis Is GOOD for Me? Impossible!

Let’s travel back in time, shall we?

In 1964, Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam discovered the 2 prevalent compounds in the cannabis plant – CBD and THC.

THC – The High

CBD – The Balancer

Put it this way:

THC is the cousin who drinks too much and drives too fast

CBD is your grandmother. She knows you’re sick before you do… and has soup.

Now This Is where CBD and THC Comes in.

THC mainly binds with the brain and causes the “high,” whereas CBD & the body have a partnership.

The body has CBD RECEPTORS, which are in-built signals waiting to boost your body-systems’ performance.

Because of this ability boost, we regenerate fast and are able to help win our battles against a number of diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

Thank you Cannabis Sativa Plant for giving us



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