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Adding CBD to Your Favorite Drinks

With CBD rising to fame, various businesses are considering to add the compound as an essential ingredient to their products. Since CBD now appears on makeup, tea, pet food, and more…

Why not add it to your favorite latte or frappe?

Not only will you get to enjoy your fave drink, you also get to relish in the benefits of CBD.

I mean what are the odds?

However, FDA still prohibits businesses to add CBD in food, supplements, and beverages. This is because the study surrounding CBD oils derived from hemp remains inconclusive. Despite the general public being knowledgeable about the CBD benefits, FDA still wants to examine its potential risks.

Surely, you can’t just legalize something with insufficient information.

Dr. Amy Abernethy tweeted:

As we continue to take a closer look at these products, we are also working to better understand potential risks of CBD on special populations like children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women, or on different types of animals, including pets.”

Sounds reasonable enough.

Yet businesspeople can’t wait for the compound to be approved and they can only keep a keen eye for updates.

I mean who wouldn’t want their sales to skyrocket?

The only thing left to do now is wait… *cross fingers*.

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