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5 Fast Facts about CBD You Need to Know

Ready for fast facts about CBD or Cannabidiol? Enjoy skimming through the list below:

1.      CBD Oil and CBD extract Doesn’t Make You High

The cannabis plant is often associated with the high effect, however, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant. The compound that causes the high is the THC. CBD products such as oils are extracted from the plant Hemp, a plant belonging to the cannabis family.

Cutting it short: CBD, the relief; THC, the high.

2.      As Long as CBD Is Extracted from Hemp, then It Is Legal

CBD is only illegal if and only if it is extracted from Marijuana. Marijuana contains a high content of THC. Unlike CBD, THC is only legal in a few states whereas CBD is legal on all states – other states, where CBD is legal, have certain steps for individuals to have access in CBD treatment.

Cutting it short: CBD, legal in ALL states; THC, legal to a FEW states.

3.      CBD Helps Treat Symptoms of Various Diseases and Mental Health Disorders

From diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and cancer, to depression, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases, studies have shown that CBD helps mitigate the symptoms no matter how severe.

From the words of the studies surrounding CBD, it may potentially be a natural cure of the incurable diseases.

4.      CBD Boosts Endocannabinoids (Natural Cannabinoids of the Human Body)

Our body has its own cannabinoids. Sometimes these cannabinoids cannot handle the needs of the body. CBD from hemp stimulates the body to release more natural cannabinoids so that the body is able to fight off inflammations or infections.

Cutting it short: CBD boosts the body’s function to attain optimal condition.

5.      CBD Helps Treat Erectile Dysfunction’s Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction is caused by blockage in the blood vessels so that the blood has difficulty in entering the male shaft. When taking CBD, the blood vessels dilate, allowing ease of blood flow. Sometimes, a hard on and keeping a firm erection becomes difficult when a male becomes anxious. The calming effect of CBD relieves and eases the worry of the mind.

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