Medical Marijuana Legalization

12-year-old Girl Leads a Campaign for Medical Marijuana Legalization

12-year-old Alexis Bortell, who suffered from severe epilepsy, is leading a campaign for medical marijuana legalization. The cause was received greatly by the public, eventuating to suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the DEA.

Due to the prohibition of the plant, Alexis and her family were forced to move from Texas to Colorado where the natural treatment is legal.

The move to Colorado has been the best thing that has ever happened to the Bortell family.

Cannabis was nothing less than a lifesaver to them.

Before the move, Alexis suffered from epilepsy (or seizure monster, as the girl calls it) and had episodes of seizures for days. Unfortunately, the prescribed epilepsy drugs had not the faintest effect on the poor girl. And if that isn’t disheartening enough…

Doctors suggested brain surgery.

Alexis’ father, Dean Bortell, says it was an easy decision to move Colorado because he wants to give his daughter the opportunities that an epilepsy-free individual has.

It is natural for parents to want to give the world to their children.

What’s truly frustrating is how the plant remains prohibited despite its obvious health benefits. In an interview, the girl was asked, “Do you think it’s unfair that this medicine is not available to everybody in the United States?

Alexis replied, “I think it’s really unfair because I feel like they’re basically punishing us because we’re sick.”

At a young age, Alexis has shifted her attention to a great cause by making soaps and donating the proceeds to charity. Also, she has written a book wherein she shares her advocacy and enthusiasm for medical cannabis.

No one is ever too young to become an advocate of a just cause – or lead it.

Now, the general public sees Alexis’ story and vision as heralds of hope.

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