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CBD combats seizures - CBD combat seizure - CBD vs seizure - CBD for Seizure

Could CBD Combat Seizures?

63-year-old Loraine keeps a watchful eye on her husband, Charles, 67, who’s had four back surgeries. Instead of getting better, he started having seizures, causing Loraine to have stress and anxiety. The seizures would last for more than a minute and happened more than 15 times in a day. That surgery turned things from worse …

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CBD for Neuropathy - Doctor uses CBD - CBD treats Neuropathy

Doctor Uses CBD for Neuropathy

Retired teacher Dr. Larry Johnson, 67 years old, uses CBD for Neuropathy. Dr. Johnson is a doctor in education in Cornell University. He used to suffer from severe pain due to his condition and finds CBD oil as the best way to ease his pain. A Retired Teacher Who Uses CBD? “[It] seems to be …

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