CBD Oil to Treat Cancer

Woman Took Cannabis Oil to Treat Cancer

Being diagnosed with terminal cancer is the most terrible thing that could happen to anyone. Life becomes terribly bleak as we witness our lust for life decline. Despite the circumstances, we attempt to defy the ultimate odd that is declared certain – death.

And this is exactly what Joy Smith did…

52-year-old Joy was told she only had 6 six weeks to live when a doctor diagnosed her with incurable cancer. She suffered from stomach and bowel cancer.

Since there was not a single advance treatment to heal her, she started taking cannabis oil despite it being illegal in the U.K.

Six weeks have passed and Joy was more than alive than ever…

The cannabis oil was what sustained her during her darkest times. She researched about it and came across to cannabis oil users’ articles who were in the same condition. The articles encouraged her to give it a try despite scientists being dubious about it due to its limited Science.

What was once a dreadful walk to consultations became a walk in the park.

The scans showed a significant decrease in cancer cells. Overjoyed, she shared the good news to her daughter who thought she was lying.

After two years of taking her “miracle cure,” she woke up on a fine Monday morning to find out she was CANCER FREE.

As someone who defiantly faced the grave odds, she wishes everyone who suffers from terminal cancer and other diseases to be granted access to the miracle treatment.

She said in an interview, “I have got to get it legalized. I am so happy, happier than I have ever been. I just keep sharing the petition and hope it will make a difference… I believe my reason for being here is to help everyone else. Unless you have been faced with death you don’t know.”

Could cannabis truly be the miracle cure for various diseases that is yet beyond the understanding of Science?

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