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Shifting from Marijuana to CBD

Tom Mouser used to smoke Marijuana from the early age of 15 years old and wanted to put a stop to it once and for all. As his brain wasn’t fully developed when he started smoking marijuana, this has had an adverse effect on his attention, focus, memory, and mood. Now 64 years old, Tom has a severe back ache and other old-age related pains and needed to undergo surgery.

The plant did help mitigate the pain without the “high”, but…

“It’s almost impossible to resist it [the cravings], especially when there’s too much to stress about.”

Luckily, Tom found out about CBD2Oil and his life changed magnificently.

He first purchased the CBD cream to treat his back ache and other old-age related pains. Shocked, he was in awe on how almost instantly the pain faded. As a result of this, surgery was no longer needed, and he wanted to try and start using a CBD tincture…

And that’s when his excitement grew to new heights.

His cravings for the “high” he sought in marijuana was significantly reduced as well as his stress and anxiety. Also, there was a considerable improvement in his cognitive functions. That aside, he didn’t have to worry about drug test screenings since the tests only screen for THC and other psychoactive drugs or compounds which are all absent from CBD2Oil’s products.

At 64, Tom has never felt more alive and healthier!

With the rapid decline of the stigma against using CBD products, many people have enjoyed CBD’s natural healing benefits, including Tom Mouser.

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